Carpinteria Soler is a Spanish company, which keeps its identity formed during the last 50 years and three generations, and remains faithful to its principles as carpenters by trade. Since we known that certain things have their value on tradition we keep manufacturing customized large doors with special attention to classic models in such a way that you can enjoy old-times designs made with current technology. We of course employ the finest woods in the market to produce our doors.

Bearing in mind the actual trend on modern designs, we have created, based on a minimalist and polish tendency, a wide range of exterior doors, where we combine materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or glass. We know that any single detail makes the difference between correction and excellence.

Carpinteria Soler vision is based on fitting our technical knowledge with the aesthetical contribution of our customers with the final objective of their entire satisfaction. This makes us a leader company in our sector.